Saturday, December 17, 2011

Year of 2011

We definitely need a new look here....who's gonna help me with this?

From 2009 to 2011..a lots of things happened...the best thing is Nashif finally have a sister...Nur shifa Fatihah Binti Ahmad Hamidi :D

We have moved back to Klang...Career wise improved but financially still

May Allah S.W.T bless our family, I am praying for better life in the coming 2012. Amin..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We made it! MSL 2009 title in hands...

Selangor has finally won the MSL 2009 title after waited for 5 years. Let me count it; well seems this is the 3rd titles for this year after "Piala Sumbangsih" and "Piala FA".

We are indeed looking forward for the 4th which is the most prestige trophy in Malaysia; the "MALAYSIA CUP".

Before crowned as the MSL 2009 champion, our beloved captain Amri Yahya has put him self to a different level when scored two fantastic goals against Manchester United.

We did missed those moment as I was busy with my work but, hopefully we are able to to watch the coming Sultan Selangor Cup...

The Sultan Selangor Cup

Selangor V.S Persib Bandung

Venue : Shah Alam Stadium

Date : July 31st 09

Time : 8.45 pm

Ticket Price : RM 10 (Adults) RM 5 (Children)

Newly launched RM 50 note...

Seems BNM just launched a new RM 50 note.
This is how it's look like...

Doesn't it looks like "RUPIAH"? lolz....

Several hours later I found out that this new note have its own special ability.
I accidentally found that special ability when I took Nashif to Petronas Mesra Shop.

This new note could transformed it self to other things.
No doubt.... see this pictures....

In my case, its transformed to TRANSFORMER!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picnic at Jinbara Planning

We are planning to have a second visit to Jinbara. This will involve several families, we are planning to get Mak Long and Family, Wan, Auntie Noor and Family together with Mak Usu and her kids.

We have come with the date which is on the August 1st 09, the time should be early as 7 am... to be continue...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Acief's 4 Years Old Birthday!

I’ve been so busy lately…the more senior you are, the more the responsibilities puts on your shoulder….

Acif turns 4 years old now; I couldn't imagine how fast time is passing by.

He was born on a beautiful morning in May 22nd 2005 at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang.

I just feel like it was yesterday when I first holding you in my arms, "Azan" to you right ear and whispering "Qamat" to your left.

This small birthday party was held on May 30th 2009; about 25 guests came to cheer up my birthday boy.

Thanks to Mak Long Dah and her daughter Sarah for helping us on the preparation, sadly they went home just after they completed the preparation and not turns up for the party.

Many thanks to Mak Long Meeza and Pak Long Halim for sponsoring a special home made birthday cake for Acif.

Acif was speechless when he looks at the birthday cake; with picture of the Ultramans on top of it... he just couldn't ask for more...

Thank you to Mak Teh Ina for coming early with a present, in fact that is the first present unwrapped by Acif while the party hasn’t started yet.

I was working last night and came home in the morning with empty handed; I couldn't sleep thinking that I haven't bought your present yet.

Just before the party started, I grabbed the car key and went to a bicycle shop and guess what... a cool blue color bicycle for you this year...I still remember your expression when you see my gift...

Acif, I just wanted you to know that Papa and Mama is trying our best to give you a comfortable life and a sweet childhood memories.

May you become a "Saleh" son, a humble servant to Him, successful in your education and life, always listen to our advice and love us as much as we love you.

Happy 4th birthday sayang...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Acief's belated birthday celebration...

Acief's belated birthday will be celebrate on the May 31st 09 at our house.

The actual date of birth is on the May 22nd every year but, delayed due to slow economic growth...lolz...

It should be a small family and neighbor gathering, you are invited as well; kindly dropped a comment to contact us...